Donations needed!

It takes money to rescue these animals. Each animal requires an ongoing commitment to time, space, and money. Can you help?

We have listed our 2017 financials on Guidestar. 

We do quite a bit with very little in donations…but we can’t continue along that path. Our vet bill is over $6000. We must get this bill paid down. Each time we get it paid down…we take on another needy case and it goes right back up. We are looking into grants, corporations that may want to donate, events we can host, etc to help us raise more money to be able to keep our vet bill paid down. We want to help more dogs…but we limit ourselves because we want to be able to provide each dog the best we can and our financial resources need to grow before we can take on more. 

Over the years the majority of the dogs we’ve taken have been dogs with cancer, gun shots, broken legs, parvo, severe traumas, skin disorders, elderly dogs, emaciated dogs, and dogs who required extensive behavior modification or socialization before being ready for adoption. These dogs are the ones most rescues and big no kill shelters pass up. The ones that require more time, more resources, more work. That’s ok…we need all different types of rescues/shelters to help all the different types of animals in need. Our group just focuses on the ones who are literally at the edge of the abyss… the ones that are the most overlooked, the ones that are most turned away. Do you think they deserve a chance?

Do you think we should keep helping those? 

Help us…help them. 

Donate now. 

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