Volunteer help at Petsmart

This past Saturday we were absolutely blessed to have numerous volunteers help at Petsmart! It was such a blessing! We were able to have 5 of our rescue dogs attend the events, there were kids to help keep the dogs entertained, and the dogs got to go on several walks. They absolutely had a blast being the center of everyone’s attention. These dogs are so grateful for each little act of kindness they receive…this was like the best day ever for them! We often do events at the Ward Parkway Petsmart Sunday’s 1-3…and we can ALWAYS use volunteers to help bring dogs to and from the event and to spend time with the dogs during the event. 

Would you like to volunteer for these events? To make these days so much fun for these homeless dogs? Contact us thru FB!! http://www.facebook.com/AutumnAcres

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