Just another day in rescue

Halloween cookie day

Our group is small. Just a handful of us doing whatever we can to help the animals and trying to do more and more. Today I was contacted about a litter of puppies needing placement…we have no space. I contacted Unleashed and never heard back. I contacted Great Plains and was told they are completely full too. There’s nothing I can do for those puppies. We are limited by financial resources. There is so much more we could do…but we just can’t until we find a way to get more donations. The supporters we have are AWESOME and we couldn’t be more grateful…but in order to do more…we need to bring in more supporters. 

I’ve spent hours watching webinars, reading about fundraising events, how to best use Facebook Live, what is peer to peer crowdfunding. I can easily see why those big organizations have people dedicated to this stuff. It’s quite overwhelming, but if we want to grow and do more to help more…we have to find a way. 

Look for us to start doing more Facebook Live videos! I’ve watched some specials on it and we’ll learn by trial and error how to do this in ways that you guys can join in and experience what we are doing with these animals 🙂 We want those who can’t visit in person to get to know these animals. To see how special they are. We want our supporters and followers to share…and have more people see who we are and what we do. Maybe one of them will be an event planner who says “hey! Let me help!” 🙂 We won’t give up and we know you guys will be with us each step of the way. 

Thank you all!

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  1. Wishing you well with your new website. I spent an hour or so visiting with you while visiting Lakota and Leo. You have been my hero ever since!!

    1. Thank you so much Mary! You are instrumental to us being able to help these animals! Thank you for all you do for these deserving animals!

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