Fido – Special Handling


Fido is estimated to be middle aged….likely 5 or so years old. He’s a little boy with a past that still affects him. Fido was a neglect/cruelty case and even though he’s gained weight, gained his fur coat back, and allows some handling he still has concerns. Fido knows that not all touch is good. He knows sometimes people he trusts can hurt him. This is something he isn’t willing to forget…at least not yet. He wants to be friends…but in the back of his mind he is almost always on guard and waiting for the painful part to start. Fido needs to go to a home that understands this…and knows he has limitations.

NO CHILDREN….they aren’t able to understand and he may end up biting one trying to defend himself.

If you want an easy go lucky happy social dog willing to allow any and all handling…this is NOT THE DOG FOR YOU.

If you are willing to go slow, take your time with him…no grabbing him…no trying to pick him up, no man handling him, and just be his friend, be his safety, and let him slowly drop his fears….he could be the dog for you.

A securely fenced yard is required for him. Trying to hold him to leash him/harness him would not be ideal for trying to earn his trust and bond with him.

Fido is crate trained. He could lose some weight. After going hungry in his neglectful/abusive previous life he has a real fondness for food now…and he’s put on weight pretty quickly. He’s a boy full of personality, full of spunk, and full of life. He is enjoying his new life…but imagine how much happier he’d be in his own forever home!

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