A New Year

2019 is here. This could be the start of an amazing year for everyone. A year full of change, growth, and hope.

What do we have planned for the coming year?

  1. Rescue and adopt out dogs
  2. Place our 2(3) horses and rescue some more!
  3. Get more regular volunteers to help us accomplish more!
  4. Separate our pasture so that the rescue horses have space to run
  5. Apply and Qualify for more grants
  6. Post more regularly on Facebook
  7. Do regular live videos of our adoptables, our locations, etc
  8. Bring in enough donations to fully pay off our vet bills and keep them lower.

Want to help us reach those goals? Share our adoptable dogs! You can see their bios on our petfinder page and share them from there. Help us at adoption events, visit with the dogs at our location in Richmond or the dogs at A Dog’s Fun Playce and post, tweet, snapchat, etc about them. The more people that see these dogs the better chance that someone will fall in love. They are so easy to love and they will reward you with love and kisses!

Volunteer…we need you! I am unable to do it all. I need help! We have some amazing people who help care for the dogs..between the staff at ADFP and the caring people who help with the dogs in Richmond. But we need help getting dogs to and from events, incoming dogs from transports, and dogs to and from vet appointments. With 30 plus dogs in the program there’s a regular need for these types of things.

We also need volunteers to help with adoption events, fundraising events, crossposting our dogs on craigslist, in facebook groups, etc, and we are still looking for help with adoption screenings. Want to help? Just reach out to us! If I don’t respond back…write again! I get so many emails, messages, etc sometimes I can’t keep up with it all.

We’ve got big plans for 2019. I sure hope you are ready to help and spread the word!

Cheers to the new year…and I sure hope everyone’s 2019 turns out to be a good year!!

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