Doolittle – Autumn Acres For Life

Doolittle is one of our For Life sanctuary residents. He arrived with alopecia of unknown causes. Many tests were run at the shelter and everything came back normal. Doolittle never cared about his hair loss and immediately settled in at our facility. He’s a happy go lucky boy who’s willing to stand his ground if he has too but doesn’t go looking for trouble. He’s too happy playing with toys, balls, etc. We had him listed for adoption for quite awhile but people just couldn’t see past his hair issue to the dog underneath.

About a year ago he had to be rushed to our vet because he wasn’t drinking water. He was acting normal otherwise…but refused to drink water. He’d put his face in the bowl, dig the water out…but just wouldn’t drink. The vet examined him and couldn’t figure it out either. They held him overnight for observation and the next morning they sedated him to do a more thorough examination of his mouth. They found a small piece of plastic wedged in his mouth that was affecting his tongue from drinking. He’s such an odd fellow…most dogs would have been pawing at their faces, or rubbing their faces…not Doolittle. He just continued as normal and tried to figure out away to splash that water into his mouth…crazy little terrier! They were able to remove that piece of plastic easily and since then we’ve had to watch him very carefully with his toys. He’s quite the toy destroyer and apparently got that piece stuck from one of his toys.

Other than that he’s been his normal happy self until just recently. He crashed. Suddenly he was weak. He was eating and drinking like normal but had no pep, no energy. We immediately took him into our vet and they ran some bloodwork on him which showed his liver is failing. They’ve put him on medications that made him feel much better! Doolittle is about 14 years old so we know his time could be coming. For now…Doolittle feels good and thinks life is grand. Want to help us spoil Doolittle for his remaining time? You could be his hospice foster mom…or donate special treats and toys…HE LOVES BOTH!

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