Rural Strays

While living in the country has many perks there are also downsides. One of which is the fact that most rural counties have no animal control to help with stray animals, abandoned animals or the animals you can no longer care for.

We want to be able to help some of these animals, but there are a couple challenges we will be facing:

  1. We only have space when a dog gets adopted. We will be keeping a waiting list of dogs in the area that need help and we will try to take dogs that can go in the openings we get. IE If a small dog friendly dog gets adopted, we’d likely have an opening for another small dog friendly dog.
  2. The other big hurdle…vetting. Unfortunately getting these animals vetted for adoption isn’t cheap. Each animal requires a minimum of vaccinations (rabies, Bordetella, da2pp), microchip, heartworm test, and spay/neuter. That adds up quickly. Then many times these animals aren’t healthy…they need deworming, they may have skin issues, they may have injuries…and all of that needs treated as well. We will be needing sponsors for any dogs coming in. If you are an owner wanting to surrender animal, or a finder of a stray animal…getting that animal vetted will make it much easier for us to accept.

Let’s see what we can do to help dogs in our rural areas.

If you have a stray animal hanging around your rural home, or you have an animal you can no longer keep…please fill out our online owner surrender request. We will try to get back within you within a few days.

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