Hi! My Name Is Fritz

We're happy to tell you that Fritz has a new furever home.
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Fritz was found making a temporary shelter under someone's porch in southern MO. He had a leg injury that became infected. When the plea to save his life was sent as the place he was at hiding, couldnt't afford to take him to the vet, and his leg was very infected and was getting worse, we stepped up to the plate. At first our vet was sure he'd need an amputation, but first he had to be on antibiotics to get the infection under control and keep it from spreading. As time went on, he started to use the leg, and even run and jump. 60 days after his initial vet visit, new x-rays were done and his leg was SELF-HEALING (bits of bone were absorbed by the body) and the infection much more reduced and localized. It was nothing short of a miracle. He was maintained on the antibiotics for another couple of months, and finally healed enough for the vet to finally neuter him. And we weaned him off the antibiotics to see how it'd do. And 4 months later, he's doing quite well and in fact you'd never know he had a problem with that leg. However, whoever adopts this BEAUTIFUL boy, will have to keep in mind, that he may be on and off antibiotics later on possibly. This old injury does NOT stop him from running, jumping and being a general pain to me at times, lol. He is housebroken, but if you are late, he may still have an accident. Rare occurence though. He would LOVE to have a playmate to play with. He tends to bully, but only to annoy. He is a wimp otherwise. He is NOT going to be a very good guard dog either, lol. He is kind of timid with strangers at first...but I'd suspect if someone were attacking me, he'd forget that fear and go after them, as I think that is instinctive of his breed. He DOES empathize, cause I was crying slightly once, and he came over to cuddle with me. He is a good boy and because we've bonded, whoever adopts him will have to be prepared to give me updates. He lives with cats, small, medium and large dogs. He plays best with dogs his own size, as the cats he may hurt by accident. If you are interested in adopting Fritz, please fill out our online application: The adoption fee is: $200 and includes the vaccines, heartworm test, neutering, microchip, and deworming.Autumn Acres is a no kill animal rescue. When we have space, we take in all breeds and all types of dogs. We rely on foster homes and donations in order to keep being able to help the animals. Please consider fostering a dog or donating what you can. We can always use donations of blankets, towels, beds, toys, shampoo, brushes, dog bowls, crates, and treats/rawhides. If you can afford to please consider making a monetary donation via the paypal link below. We are a 501c3 organization and we are also state licensed as a non-profit animal rescue.