Socially Imperfect Dogs

If you are applying for one of our Socially Imperfect Residents
the adoption process is more detailed.

These animals have special quirks that make finding them a home more difficult.
As such each animal has a unique set of requirements. Typically this is written in the bio.


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Contact us to show your interest in one of our residents


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Fill out our online application

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Expect an email back that goes over the dog’s specific requirements and confirms that you understand and have what they need. IE if a dog REQUIRES A FENCED YARD…we will double check that you in fact have a fenced yard.

Visit the dog →



The majority of our resident dogs will require multiple visits from you. Some will require you to take them on a car ride, others will need walks, and others will need you to ignore them and visit our facility as though you are there for us, not them. Then once they start to interact with you, progress to the next steps.

These dogs have been thru traumatic experiences & have trust issues.
Each dog is unique.

Each dog has unique fears. We will gladly work with you to help you and the dog connect and make a great transition from us to you. If you aren’t willing to put in a bit of effort, these dogs aren’t for you. If you can give them the time and patience they need the reward is amazing. The feeling you get when you see them start to give their trust, when you they finally show you how much they appreciate what you’ve done for them…there is nothing better. Once you’ve had a dog like that you’ll totally understand what makes them special.

Each of our residents are different. Some will be ready to go to a new home after just a few visits…others will need more time, more visits, even some temporary visits to your home, before they’re ready to let go of the safety of us and move in fully to their new lives.

Socially Imperfect Residents – our special sanctuary friends.



  • These dogs require special handling. Each dog is unique with their own set of challenges. Please be patient. Good things are worth waiting for!
  • Autumn Acre Animal Rescue is a volunteer based non-profit organization. We will make every effort to respond in a timely manner. If you don't hear back, please reach out again. Sometimes Petfinder/adopt a pet inquiries get lost and never reach us.
  • All dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped and up-to-date on all shots prior to adoption, unless there are complications.
  • Adoption fees for our long term Socially Imperfect Dogs are $150. Adoption fees for our easier to place dogs are higher to help cover expenses for our special cases.




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