Horses Are Pets Too

In September of 2018 we were blessed to begin accepting horses into our rescue!

We started our rescue in 2004 and always had plans to branch out into horses but we just never got there. The dogs took over our focus and we knew we had a lot of work to do to get the pasture ready for rescue horses…but in September that all changed. We had become more and more aware of the kill lots, of slaughter houses, of what was happening to horses in our nation each and every day. Jenifer pulled a horse from the kill lot as one of her own personal horses and had gotten even more aware of the plight of America’s horses and then when we shared a post of a mare and foal in need…our supporters jumped to help.

We have started the “Horses are Pets Too!’ program to share what is going on with horses each day. To share that horses don’t have to be ridden in order to be a worthwhile companion. To share that horses have feelings and emotions too. These creatures bond so strongly and are so affectionate. We want to expose the public to the side of horses they never see. When you go to a dude ranch or on a paid trail ride…the horses are just tools…but they are so much more. People need to see past their perceptions to the animal within.


We’ve already had one get together with the public to let them interact with the horses and we plan to host more and more educational interactions as time goes on.

We currently have a pregnant mare with a filly at her side who will be rehabilitated and placed up for adoption. These are the first of many more to come.