Lawson’s Challenge


Do you currently have a dog you’ve adopted from us? Or did you have a dog in the past that you adopted who became a very important part of your life? Then PLEASE consider making an annual donation to our organization to help us continue.


Lawson’s Challenge is being done in honor of an adopted dog named Lawson. His family has made it a mission of theirs to donate each year to us in his honor and they want to encourage others to do the same. They will increase their donation for EACH past adopter who pledges to make an annual donation in honor of their own dog. You can pick the amount…$10, $20, $100, or even $10,000 that you’ll donate and then each year multiply that number by the amount you are pledging to donate. For example, if you choose $100, then the next year you’d do $200, the third year it would be $300, etc. You can pick the month you want to commit to and the amount that works for you.

Lawson is a sweetheart we pulled from the Kansas City shelter and an example of why screening homes matters. Lawson had previously been adopted out thru the city shelter in good shape…and was returned just weeks later emaciated. The adopters hadn’t fed him properly (at all?) and he was a walking skeleton when he was returned. We saw him and didn’t want him to just go to another random unscreened home and end up in the same situation or worse. Christy fostered him and got him healthy and then Lawson found the best forever family.

If you can make an annual donation pledge for Lawson’s Challenge, PLEASE let me know. We need to get as many signed up as we can before February 2024 for Lawson’s Challenge!! The family will increase their donations based on how many sign up…so please SIGN UP if you can pledge for Lawson’s Challenge.