Kasha <3

Hi! My Name Is Kasha <3

We're happy to tell you that Kasha <3 has a new furever home.
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Kasha was never adopted. Petfinder doesn't really have any other choices to list her...so she's listed as adopted. I don't want to delete her listing. Kasha was diagnosed as having cancer in her back leg. The mass was big and just kept growing. She wasn't really a candidate for surgery based on age and the type of mass it was. After trying to make her comfortable for a month it was obvious that we had no choice but to put Kasha to sleep. She was in pain and not living a quality of life. We will miss Kasha. She was a great great great girl. Kasha is a senior girl who was recently diagnosed as having soft cell sarcoma in her hind leg. The vet could do a surgery to try to remove the mass but it is located in her muscle and would likely be a difficult surgery to fully remove the tumor. We have elected to not put her through that surgery. The other option is amputation of her entire hind leg. That option is still on the table...but we would need help covering her vetting and we would love for her to be in a foster home for recovery after that operation. PLEASE email me if you can help: adoptashelterpet@hotmail.com Just to give you an idea of Kasha's previous home I have copied part of the email I recieved about her:'One of our foster moms lives next to a puppy mill. She knows the miller, and has for years. He is a hateful man, has a nasty temper etc. He seems to take great pleasure in calling our foster mom to tell her when he destroys one of his dogs. He shoots them, and wants her to know so he calls and tells her.Like I said a nasty man. He twice now has had the foster mom contact me about two different dogs he no longer wanted and he decided to let us have a chance at getting them. (Wasn't that nice of him? ). He released a Min Pin and a Papillion to us, both in bad shape but both rehabbed and doing wonderful in homes now. Recently he told the foster mom about his female GSD. She is older, and I know at one point he almost broke her jaw. He keeps her chained and she was pregnant, and one of the smaller breed dogs walked by and she attacked it. Probably because she is chained up, miserable and pregnant, anyway he said as soon as she had her puppies and weaned them he was going to shoot her,' KASHA now: A very sweet affectionate girl that loves living indoors. She is crate trained and to date has not had an accident in the house. She is ok with other dogs(after quite a bit of work and letting her learn that dogs are not all out to kill her or puppies) and she is now playing with other dogs. She was aggressive towards cats when we first got her but that has died down some too. I still would not trust her alone with a cat and because of that she can not be placed in a home with cats. She is an alpha girl towards other dogs but submissive towards people. She will growl/bark at strangers that come to the door but is not aggressive at all...all bark no bite type of thing. Kasha's adoption fee is $150. December 28, 2010, 1:16 pm