'PUT THE CODE WORD: FUZZY in the email so we know you've read the bio. Thank you!!"/> Lance – Autumn Acres Animal Rescue


Hi! My Name Is Lance

We're happy to tell you that Lance has a new furever home.
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Lance: This adorable boy will wind up being the best dog you've ever owned…with the right owners! Lance has some issues that will become more manageable with training and consistency.• Lance will guard toys, food, treats, bones etc from other dogs and potentially humans• Lance has a strong stranger danger issue. He will bark at strangers and likely bite if not worked with.• Lance does not enjoy being kenneled and will bark about being crated.• Lance is a puppy and he will chew on things, probably potty in the house…he needs someone willing to teach him gently.The good news…once Lance bonds with you and your other dogs…he's awesome. He's affectionate, he loves his dog friends, and he's a total fun dog to be around. But again…he's NOT stranger friendly and he will have guarding issues.He's about 7-9 months old and around 25 pounds. He's not going to be a big dog…he's a spaniel mix of some sort. He's a doll. I truly love this mischievous little boy. We do have a trainer willing to help his new parents with his issues. Whoever adopts him needs to be able to commit to the training and time he will require. His adoption fee is $250 and he's located in Kansas City, MO. His new home MUST be within 40 minutes of Kansas City. Interested? Contact us.">'PUT THE CODE WORD: FUZZY in the email so we know you've read the bio. Thank you!!