Hi! My Name Is Lincoln

We're happy to tell you that Lincoln has a new furever home.
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Lincoln was adopted out a few years ago and returned recently because his hound nose got him in trouble. Lincoln was a city dog and did just fine, then his people moved to a huge farm and he got to be a free roaming farm dog. He got himself into trouble frequently going after coons and wandering around lost afterwards. They didn't have the ability to put up a fence to contain him and he found his way back to our care. 

We'd love to find a foster home in the city for him and see if he's still ok as a city dog! Are you interested in giving him a trial home for a couple of weeks? 

Lincoln is SUPER SMART. He learns how to open latches and gates so his home needs to be able to securely close all latches with a clip or a chain and clip so that he can't just nose it on open. 

Lincoln was a house dog in the city and loved to cuddle with the younger boy. He can be a bit active so toddlers may get knocked around by him at times. He's never been aggressive to a human that we know of...he's usually totally affectionate and happy. 

But...small coons, rabbits, squirrels, cats...and tiny dogs?? Those are all something he should avoid. That hunting dog in him came out strong when he ran those fields. 

Do you happen to live in the country? No neighbors nearby that will get upset about a hound dog visiting? Then he may be the one for you! He'll keep your property free of those pesky varmints for sure. 

Lincoln is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and microchipped.