Hi! My Name Is Shadow

We're happy to tell you that Shadow has a new furever home.
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Shadow is now a year old. She is a very smart girl and loves to play. She does not have the typical calm/laid back attitude of a newf. She is more like a border collie in a newf body. She knows how to sit, lay down, give paw, speak, and will come in the house but not always when she's loose outside. She is learning that a snap of your fingers means come and sit and she LOVES to make you happy. BUT she is an alpha dog and if you are not her leader she will not listen to you. She is aggressive towards small dogs and cats. If you wish to adopt Shadow, her adoption fee is $350 and our application is online at Shadow first arrived she refused to do anything, including sit. She went after alot of our dogs and wouldn't stop when told to. She constantly squished out of the door when it was open and would take off running. She can jump a 4 foot fence with ease. She jumps over the couch without batting an eye. She is a handful of dog but very loving and extremely smart. We have done alot with her and she's almost a totally different dog in personality than when she first came. She still has a high prey drive and when smaller dogs run by she'll try to bite them but all it takes is 'Shadow' with a no tone and she backs off and watches them run by.We are looking for a sponsor for Shadow. If you are interested in becoming Shadow's sponsor for $25 a month just click on the little puppy below. Sponsoring her will help to cover her food costs, frontline, HW preventative, and other medical costs that may come. Thank you!