Hi! My Name Is Susie

We're happy to tell you that Susie has a new furever home.
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Susie is sweet and gentle and a bit unsure of hersef. She wants to play with the other dogs, but is a bit unsure of how to do that. She is definitely on the submissive side, as if approached by another dog of confidence, she is obvioiusly intimidated. She is a true lady. She is gentle and dainty in her walk, her demeanor and her affection. She is housebreaking beautifully and eating well. She is afraid of car rides, something we will have to work on. She will gladly lie next to the bed until you wake up, and does not try to get up on the bed. She likes soft spots to sleep, as opposed to some Newfs who prefer the tile. She moves very gracefully. She takes treats gently, and while she likes food, she is not pushy or demanding. She is wonderful with children. She loves to show her affection by sneaking up on you and licking your hand. She is very attentive and would learn obedience quickly. She is small in size, 77lbs. Suzie is delightful in that she is well mannered, housebroken, gentle and and loves all creatures. I am guessing she was bullied by her siblings or other dogs, as she is timi around them, but loves to tag along with them and watch. I think if invited to play by another dog, she would love it. I think Susie would do well with a mellow male or as an only dog, as she is so easily dominated. I think if she was an only dog, her personality would really shine. Susie does not have a bad bone in her body! Here are some pics. I believe Susie would stick close by her owners, so a fenced in yard is not a MUST, but would be very desireable. I will test her outside the fence on a long lead to see if that theory holds true. She is totally and completely devoted to her people.-Her foster momDecember 28, 2010, 1:16 pm