Hi! My Name Is Waffles

We're happy to tell you that Waffles has a new furever home.
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It is not frequent that dogs choose their owner, rather than vice versa, but that's exactly what Blackie and Waffles did. After straying as a pair onto their former owners' 15 acre property, they decided for themselves to call it home and quickly became a most cherished part of the family, in addition to the two Jack Russells that already lived there. Then their owner died. Blackie is a 6 year old Newfie male, altered, and up to date on all shots. He does have signs of a little arthritis in one back leg. Waffles is a 6 year old lab mix female, also altered, and up to date on all shots. As a pair, these two are inseparable, and quite comedic. Despite his large size, Blackie is submissive to Waffles and is more laid back in general. Waffles is an alpha-female when around other animals, but absolutely melts when in the presence of humans, closing her sweet little eyes, pressing against you, and begging to be loved on. Blackie is equally as sweet, thinking he is much smaller than he actually is, and would love to be a lap dog if he could. Both are wonderful with children, extremely obedient, and very eager to please. Blackie's favorite past times include carrying around branches larger than his body, playing keep away with balls, and being brushed. Waffles is happy playing most any game as long as Blackie is nearby. Overall, Blackie is good with most other animals, although Waffles would most likely need to be in a home with no small animals other than dogs ( i.e. cats or hampsters...). She would likely prefer a home that would allow her to remain in charge of the pack, as well. Please consider the adoption of this wonderful pair. With them comes their amazing history and an unbelievable capacity for love and dedication. Because this is an unusual pairing, the adoption fee would be greatly reduced. They are adoptable ONLY AS A PAIR. December 28, 2010, 1:16 pm