Hi! My Name Is Wylie

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A beautiful BIG Shepherd mix who needs some training and exercise. He's young, he's playful, he's energetic, and he's a shepherd...put those together and you get trouble in the wrong home. In the right homes these guys just flourish. Wylie needs a strong owner able to handle him. He's good with other dogs but on initial meetings he can be quite pushy, so a dog able to tolerate and deflect that into playtime is ideal. With another young dog to help him play, get some energy used up, he's not as bad...but if he's been cooped up without a playmate or exercise he gets more and more amped up. He's gorgeous, just turned 2 years old. He has quite the potential to be an amazing dog, but he will require some work to get there. 


  • Shepherd - German & Husky - Siberian 
  • Male
  • Youth (2 - 5 Years)
  • 71 - 80 Pounds
  • Missouri
  • Brown & Black
  • High Energy
  • I Like Kids Over 10
  • I Like Select Dogs
  • I Don't Like Cats
  • $ 200.00
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